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Alternative to Nefarious Mask of Doom

RandomMindRandomMind CanadaPosts: 216 Amazing

I am using Ant-Man as my main right now and I am trying to make him as great as possible so I am trying to get the best artifacts for him. Right now I am using a Summon build and I am using the Nefarious Mask of Doom, Advanced Latverian Regalia and Improved Arc Reactor artifacts. However the one I'm having issue with is the Nefarious Mask of Doom, not because of its stats or anything but because I don't like the black fog constantly swirling around Ant-Man, so I want to replace it with something equal to it.

The main thing that I'm having an issue with is trying to replace the doomdrone you summon when you hit. Ant-Man is a little low on the damage scale as compared to other heroes and the doomdrone adds another little dot damage for Ant-Man, not to mention it can distract enemies so in a way is helpfully defensively as well. It battle sometimes with the Mask and Latverian Regalia I can have 3 doomdrones fighting with me and think that helps a lot when it comes to Ant-Man.

The artifact that I'm thinking about using is Luke's Cosmically Enhanced Chain because it has a Summon damage stat and a regular damage stat, plus the affix on the Chain is a +1 to all attributes. However, I'm not sure if the trade off of the regular damage stat is equal to the summoning of a doomdrone.

The other artifact I'm thinking about using is the Essence of Pestilence artifact that I got from the Apocalypse event. It has Ranged damage which would help with my main spenders (Fistful of Ants, Drone Strike and For the Colony!), plus it has great poison dot if you get it, as well as a vulnerability tag and a move speed boost (which I like for Ant-Man). The negative is that again it doesn't have that doomdrone and the Main Attribute stat on it is Energy and Ant-Man's main attributes are Intelligence and Speed. So again, I'm not sure if it would be as useful as the Mask of Doom overall for me.

I was also thinking about using the Wizard's boss artifact, however I don't have that in my inventory just yet (not really in the grinding mood).

So is there any other artifacts that anyone would recommend?

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