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Marvel Heroes Omega

Omega trial

ZealotofdawnZealotofdawn Posts: 3 New Agent

I could use advice on how pass the trial.


  • Fbraggys12Fbraggys12 MN / TX / AZPosts: 574 Amazing

    Get To level 60.
    Beat the cosmic trial.

    Go to the Omega Trial.
    Spam Iceman moves... Don’t stand in the red circles when you fight enemies.

    Defeat Red Skull

    Omega Prestige
    Spider-Man 10, Magik 20

    Prestige 6's
    VENOM, Scarlet Witch, Punisher, Ant-Man, Ironfist, Angela, Captain Marvel


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  • Damienmc90Damienmc90 Posts: 1,416 Astonishing

    Throw out frozen orbs with the summon talent so it deals damage over time. Always have your summoned ice golems out. Use your signature to power up your ice golems with the appropriate talent. When the enemies lock onto you, hide behind the car to break line of sight. If you get hit by Red Skull's heavy dot, use dashes to block some of the damage with their immunity frames and a medkit. Use your vain statue of yourself to do dot with the talent that makes it a summon power. Shoot things. If you die because you keep getting hit, put infinity points in the soul gem for a free medkit. If you die because of burst damage and 1hit kills, put infinity points into max health.

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