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Any good pure melee builds?

SergeantFreshSergeantFresh Gulf of MexicoPosts: 334 Amazing

Looking for a good pure melee build. I just leveled beast to 60 and like the way he flows for melee, but am not too excited about the gadget or summons (one summon may be ok, just not a summon focused build). Does anyone have one they could share or know of one they can point me too? Would really like to make beast an alternate, but just cant get behind his gadget/summon skills.


  • RemournRemourn Posts: 293 Amazing

    @TonyBing posted a great melee oriented build in his end game build guide. It's the one I use, and it's pretty fun.

  • SergeantFreshSergeantFresh Gulf of MexicoPosts: 334 Amazing

    That is the one that I have been using for now, but it still feels like it is missing something... maybe it is the gearing... what specs are you prioritizing and what omega gear are you looking at. Usually his builds feel a bit more complete to me - even if I don't like the character or build style (i.e. if his beast build had been gadget based I may not like it, but it would probably feel solid).

  • CowflaBCowflaB Posts: 26 Mighty
    edited November 15

    There really isn't a melee build. There's a movement based build that has melee in it but not pure melee. A pure melee build with Beast is almost certain death IMO. What I use is FiHP, somersault, beastial beatdown(whatever the one is with 6 hits per activation), movement ability. On second loadout I use Sig, flying ferocity(the one where you're invulnerable), frenzied lunge, and either grappling hook swing, break dance melee, or electro-catalyst. I use grappling hook swing myself. With my gear set up GHS crits for 230k pretty regularly.

    You can also spec your talents to have Grappling hook slam instead of FiHP and use the talent that refreshes bestial beatdown after each use. If it sounds like something you're interested in I will delve deeper into it. Just let me know. IMO this build plays like Beast actually fights in the comics. None of that dropping drones nonsense...

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