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Good Melee Build for Omega / Patrols

SergeantFreshSergeantFresh Gulf of MexicoPosts: 334 Amazing

Does anyone know of or have a template for a decent melee build that still utilizes hypnotic ribbons (or is an easy swap in) that can still farm patrols yet do enough damage to also do OPs etc. Keep looking at the PC builds and none of them seem to work that way and many seem to be based on items we do not have in console.


  • lutadakatsulutadakatsu Posts: 1 New Agent
    edited November 3

    I currently have an Omega Apocalypse Armor Set with everything except Death (substituted with Oath of the Destroyer) and have no difficulty on any of the operations. I do have 3 maxed out legendaries and usually switch between the Shield of Perseus and the Savage Axe of Ares, but I had no problems when i was building up other legendaries and couldn't use the Shield or Axe.

    The skills I use are Rage of Xiphos, Ichor's Wrath, Hunter's Blades, Heven's Fury, Hypnotic Ribbons, Angelic Smite, Stunning Ichors.

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