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Oath of the Destroyer or Phoenix Force?

Travy2HypeTravy2Hype Posts: 38 Mighty

As I set forth on this constant grind for Omega Pieces, looking for feedback to see if anyone else has determined which is better?
So my thoughts are 1 Piece Mark of War, and 4 piece Oath/Phoenix - or 1 piece Mark of War, 2 piece Oath, 2 piece Phoenix

For those who are familiar with the sets, the effects are listed below.

Oath of the Destroyer:
1. Each Critical Strike with Melee Powers build stack of Rage. when 50 Rage stacks are reached, they are consumed to trigger Destroyer's Wrath, increasing your Brutal Strike Chance by 100% for 5s
2. +50% Brutal Damage
3. Rage stacks required to trigger Destroyer's Wrath reduced to 40
4. +50% Brutal Damage
5. Rage stacks required to trigger Destroyer's Wrath reduced to 30

Phoenix Force:
1. When you use your Signature power, Ranged attacks will release a Phoenix, dealing 543 Damage (up to 3 times per Signature activation)
2. +50% Base Damage to Signature Powers
3. The Phoenix effect can trigger 3 additional times per Signature activation
4. +50% Base Damage to Signature Powers
5. +100% Critical Hit Chance to Signature Powers

Mark of War:
When you hit with a Sword, Axe, Shield, or Staff power, gain Weapons of War, increasing Base Damage and Total Deflect Rating by 5% for 10s. This effect can stack up to 20 times.


  • BonafydeBonafyde SydneyPosts: 25 Mighty

    I was actually thinking 1 piece War, 2 piece Oath, 2 piece Gamora.

    Reason being, set bonus 2 from Gamora covers set bonus 4 from Oath as crit damage also buffs your brutal damage. Also, with the added bonus being you get extra crit damage when you haven't triggered Destroyer's Wrath yet.

    Then, even though crit rate in a build should be pretty high, the 1% stacking buff from Gamora's first set bonus should help a little for the fact that you don't get Oath set bonus number 3, the 10 reduced stacks needed.

    Didn't put much thought into it, it's just what I thought from a quick read over when they first announced the sets and I read them all. I'm absolutely not going to test them until we get the recipe to transfer sets across pieces though. So until then, I won't be able to fine tune anymore.

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  • DoubleHelixPS4DoubleHelixPS4 Posts: 110 Incredible

    Believe @JJ82 was running that stuff not positive, if not sorry for the tag, i played around a bit with them and liked the offensive numbers but ended up going back to full armor of apocalypse for the more well rounded game play and to work off my lvl 20 ultimate and completed twilight legendary

  • JJ82JJ82 Posts: 69 Mighty

    Im on a break from the game for now burnt out on the lack of new content. I check the forums sporadically. Unfamiliar with oath of the destroyer. Gamora was a set i had earmarked for testing though. If you are melee i think 1 piece of war is non negotiable. That's a constant 100%base damage for me. All sword knife and axe powers trigger it. Thats all blades melee attacks including party crasher. The Phoenix adds 50% base to sig . Iirc a 2 piece set of gomora was going to be something to test. That would have finished my 5 pieces off. Alternatively running 4x Phoenix. I forget the set that adds auto brut but that seemed useful too although my brute strike is already high.

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